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Welcome to Marburg!

We know, living and studying far away from home is anything but easy.

Therefore, the international office just recently launched ARIADNE, a project that’s been designed for supporting international students at the University of Marburg. With ARIADNE we’d like to ease your arrival in Marburg, offer support and assistance throughout your studies and  help you when it comes to finding a job in Germany.


Get involved and join MarMento our innovative mentoring program for international students.


Found an exciting job offer? Then it’s time to start applying. We offer a variety of workshops and info sessions on how to advance your study skills, plan your career and successfully access the German job market.


And last but not least, you are very welcome to join our many events to connect with people from Marburg and all over the world and explore Marburg and its region.


Curious? You want to learn more about ARIADNE or get involved right away?  We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

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