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Orientation programs for exchange students and incoming international students

You are an international student and are looking for:

-          Support with formalities (e.g. enrollment, opening a bank account, and arranging health insurance)?

-          Contact with other international and German students?

The International Office at the Philipps-Universität Marburg organizes two orientation programs for you each semester, shortly before the lectures start, together with trained tutors. 

For the summer-semester 2020, the programs will be held as follows:

March 2-5, 2020
This program is aimed in particular at (exchange) students who are taking part in our Language Centre’s “Studying in Marburg” semester preparation course from March 9 till April 3, 2020.

April 1-6, 2020
This program is aimed in particular at (exchange) students who are not taking part in the semester preparation course.

You will find more information on the orientation program here.

1) Are you an exchange student (e.g. ERASMUS or Overseas) or a “Freemover” coming to study in Marburg for just one or two semesters?

The registration is through Mobility-Online.

You will receive the link from Ms Morneweg (ERASMUS), Ms Waterplas (Overseas), Ms Dinges (Freemover) or Ms Batbataar (ERASMUS Partner Countries) after your official nomination.

Important: If you would like to change something in your participation (e.g. want to participate in October instead of in September), please contact us (according to your program). This is important since we might have to adapt your room reservation.

2) Will you complete your entire degree program in Marburg?

Please use this online form to register.

From August 1 – 26, 2019: registration for the September program.

From September 9 – 26, 2019: registration for the October program.

Important: if you already have a room in Marburg, you can decide to only participate starting from day 2 of the orientation week (you are of course also welcome to take part in the first evening activity). If you decide to do so, you will also receive a U-Card on day 2.

Faculty introduction weeks

Learn more about the additional subject-specific orientation events for your faculty (introduction weeks) which take place immediately prior to the beginning of the semester.