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Academic Recognition

How to get a Transcript of records:

Dear Student!

  1. If you need a transcript, you have to fill in a list of your courses online ("Belegliste"), print it out and have it signed by your teachers and your departmental coordinator.
  2. To create the Belegliste, you have to enter all courses directly into Mobility Online.
  3. Please log in with your personal Mobility-Online-Account.
  4. Go to the step “Courses included in the Belegliste (Transcript of Records)” in your Workflow in Mobility Online.
  5. Enter the course details of all courses you will take. Once you have entered all the courses, you can print out the list.
  6. Please enter all the course details carefully and correctly.
  7. A step-by-step-explanation on How to create the Belegliste can be found here.
  8. At the beginning of the semester, take the list to each teacher, identify yourself as an exchange student so that the teacher knows that a grade is required at the end of the semester and have the list signed by the teacher as an acknowledgement of your status.
  9. At the end of the semester, students take the list to the teachers, have the grade filled in and the list signed again by the teacher. Please make sure that you receive grades for your courses, otherwise we don’t award ECTS credits (only according to our course catalogue!).
  10. Get the list signed by the Erasmus coordinator from your faculty of exchange and sign it yourself. Please note that we cannot issue transcripts without both signatures.
  11. The grades are entered into our database to enable us to print the transcripts that are sent to your university. The transcripts contain details of course code, length, local grades and credits so that the details can be verified and compared with the learning agreements.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you have to create a Belegliste for each semester. If you stay for two semesters, add the courses in Mobility Online for the second semester, but do not delete the courses already listed for the first semester! Only courses listed in Mobility Online can be included in the Transcript of Records!
Once you print your Belegliste for the second semester, the courses from both semesters will be listed. You do not have to get the signatures for the courses already completed during the first semester, however!

For more information please contact the ERASMUS Office:
Christina Bohle/Binja Homann