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Publishing a Dissertation

Since 1997 all candidates for a doctorate may submit their dissertation in electronic form to Marburg University Library. These are stored on the University Library publication server and are available long-term with worldwide access.

What Does the Author of a Dissertation Have to Do?

  1. Follow the instructions given in the checklist.
  2. Upload your document onto the publication server and attach the relevant document properties. (This ensures that the documents can also be located by meta search engines of digital full-text archives and by general search engines such as Google):
    • Name of author
    • Name of dissertation supervisor
    • Title of the dissertation in German and English
    • Keywords in German and English
    • Short abstract (ca. 5,000 characters) in German or English
  3. Fill in the forms Statement concerning the Publication of Electronic Documents
  4. and Certificate confirming the Submission of Mandatory Deposit Copies
  5. Please submit the printed deposit copies and both completed forms to the Exchange Office for Dissertations and Publications
  6. If you have any further queries, please look under FAQ
  7. If you still need help, please come and ask us.


If you wish to submit mandatory deposit copies of your dissertation, please make an appointment with the Exchange Office for Dissertations and Publications:

Tel.: +49 6421 28-25187


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