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  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Vaccinations for StudentsVaccinations for Students

    Vaccinations at the Marburg Vaccination Center and in general practitioners' offices

    The University of Marburg would like to offer as much in-person teaching in the winter semester as possible in the current pandemic situation. You can do your part to keep in-person research and study possible: Get your vaccination against COVID-19.

    The President's Office of the university has consulted with the Marburg Vaccination Center regarding vaccination options for students. The Marburg Vaccination Center, as well as many other vaccination centers within and outside of Hesse and many primary care physicians' offices, have extensive free capacity!

    If you are registered in Hessen, they can often get vaccination appointments overnight at the Marburg Vaccination Center, for example. Please register for this in the Hessian Vaccination Portal at and select your appointment for the next few days immediately afterwards. If you are registered outside of Hesse, please check the vaccination portal of your respective state.

    Many general practitioners also offer vaccination appointments at short notice. Please contact your family doctor's office for more information.

    In this context, we would also like to draw your attention to the vaccination appeal of the state government (German).

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Information for foreign studentsInformation for foreign students

    Questions regarding application, admission or enrollment
    Please contact if you have any questions concerning undergraduate courses of study (Bachelor, State Examination, etc.).
    For questions relating to Master's programs, please contact

    Questions about German courses and the DSH examination
    If you have any questions about preparatory language courses for German and the DSH, please contact the secretariat of the language courses at the Studienkolleg Mittelhessen

    Questions about visa, entry, housing and living in Marburg
    Information, advice and specific assistance on all non-technical topics (visa, entry, living, stay in Marburg, etc.) can be obtained from the International Office at

    Exchange and Erasmus students: Questions about studies and courses
    Exchange students who have questions about their studies and courses should contact the coordinator of their department at the Philipps-Universität Marburg. For all other non-technical questions, please contact the International Office at

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Hints for students with disabilitiesHints for students with disabilities

    The Service Center for Disabled Students (SBS) has compiled additional information (for example, on the use of PC workstations) for students with disabilities. These can be found on the SBS website.

Questions about studies and teaching

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen What happens if I fail my exam for good?What happens if I fail my exam for good?

    Students who fail a non-repeatable examination (last examination attempt) in the winter semester 2020/21 or in the summer semester 2021 will be granted one additional examination attempt - unless the failure is due to attempted cheating.

    Students who have failed such a last examination attempt in the summer semester 2020 could apply for another examination attempt. The application deadline was March 31 2021.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Where can I find places to stay?Where can I find places to stay?

    For students, there are various places of stay that will be opened gradually. The places are intended for students who need to bridge a break between classes. They also offer the opportunity to take part in digital courses if access to the Internet is not available at home. The residences are an additional offer to the already available workstations in the libraries and PC rooms.

    The places of residence cannot be booked in advance. When taking up a place, the digital contact data acquisition must be used (see implementation regulations).

    The regulations and implementation provisions also apply without exception to these places of stay. In particular, the mask must be worn permanently.

    During lunchtime from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. it is allowed to eat in the rooms of Café Leonardo and Mo's Diner. There is no sale of food. Eating is prohibited in all other places.

    In stage 3 the places remain closed.

    1. Silent places of learning

    Workstations on the seventh floor of the State Library in the C-Tower of building W/02, Wilhelm-Röpke-Str. 6: 15 seats

    2. Places to participate in digital events, or to stay during breaks in events

    Lecture hall building B/01, Biegenstr. 14: In the foyers on all three levels as well as in three seminar rooms (+1/0040, +1/0050 and +1/0060) and the Café Leonardo: a total of 49 seats
    State library in building W/02, Wilhelm-Röpke-Str. 6: 12 seats on the sixth floor in the C-tower
    F/14, Deutschhausstraße 12: 11 seats in room 02A05 ("Casino")
    H/04, Multi-purpose building on the Lahnbergen, including Mo's Diner: approx. 40 seats distributed over various areas on the first floor
    H/01, Chemistry: about 30 seats in the foyer of the building
    H/05, Chemistry lecture hall building: 5 seats in the reading room +2/0080, Hans-Meerwein-Str. 8

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Where can I get information for digital teaching and learning?Where can I get information for digital teaching and learning?

    For teaching and learning at a distance, the Philipps-Universität offers a comprehensive range of technical and organizational support.

    The learning platform ILIAS is the central medium to support digital teaching. Information and requirements for use can be found on the HRZ website or in ILIAS itself. The ILIAS team of the HRZ offers up-to-date information in its blog.

    As a student you will find materials accompanying lectures, online teaching and blended learning offers as well as possibilities for cooperation with fellow students via student work groups.

    Teachers have access to functions for communication and office hours management. In addition, didactic tools such as learning modules, exercises, etherpads, wikis or tests enable the asynchronous or synchronous design of online teaching. In its virtual ideas room, the Future Workshop offers numerous aids, didactic concepts and examples.

    Via the streaming service Opencast ILIAS videos and recordings can be managed and provided comfortably. A simple, web-based production of screencasts is possible via Opencast Studio.

    For digital meetings and lectures the web conferencing services BigBlueButton and Cisco Webex are suitable. An overview provides information about the differences with regard to the various functions and possible application scenarios. Comprehensive video tutorials are available for BigBlueButton.

    Books and articles needed for teaching can be scanned or delivered on demand, just like all other holdings of the university library.

    Freshmen, students and teachers can find all the information and support services they need on the page Teaching and Learning in Winter Semester.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Does personal study counseling take place?Does personal study counseling take place?

    As a rule, personal consultations only take place in exceptional cases. Instead, please use e-mail and telephone to obtain information.

    Student phone: 06421 - 28 22222

    E-Mail Student secretariat:

    E-mail for questions from students with foreign degrees:

    E-mail for questions regarding Master's programs:

    Central General Student Advisory Service:

    Service Center for Disabled Students (SBS):

    Information from the Family Service

    Teachers should check which of your attendance hours can be done by e-mail or telephone and announce these changes on your area pages. Information on managing your virtual office hours in BigBlueButton and ILIAS can be found on the information page of the Future Workshop.

    If signatures are required, "appointments for signature only" can also be made without simultaneous consultation etc.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen What happens to my BAföG?What happens to my BAföG?

    In a recent decree, the Hessian state government has regulated that the individual standard period of study for all students enrolled in the summer semester 2020 and/or the winter semester 2020/2021 will be extended by one semester in each case. BAföG recipients are thus entitled to funding for one or two additional semesters.

    Students can print out a Studienbescheinigung (verification of student status) via Marvin.

    Advice on BAföG-relevant questions can be obtained from the AstA's Social Department.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Is my individual standard period of study affected?Is my individual standard period of study affected?

    In a recent decree, the Hessian state government has regulated that the individual standard period of study for all students enrolled in the summer semester 2020 and/or the winter semester 2020/2021 will be extended by one semester in each case.

    Students can print out a Studienbescheinigung (verification of student status) via Marvin.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Are there orientation units for new students?Are there orientation units for new students?

    The university welcomes all first semester students to the program. An OU is planned for the winter semester, which will coordinate digital parts and joint activities on site. All new students - as well as those in higher semesters - are cordially invited to be here in Marburg at this time. All student representatives are working intensively on a suitable concept for this mixed OU.

    Information about the study entry and orientation units can be found on the page "Welcome to Study".

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