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Psychological support in the corona crisis

The current quarantine and isolation regulations pose an unfamiliar challenge and psychological strain for many students and employees at Philipps University. In addition, many people are worried about their own health or the health of loved ones. Counseling and support services can help manage daily life and protect mental health during the crisis. These services continue to be available - primarily by phone and video.

Immediate help may be needed in acute crisis situations. If there is an acute threat and no counseling center is available or you are not in Marburg, dial the emergency number 110 (police) or 112 (emergency medical services).

The following information and advice aims to help you with coping with everyday life and taking care of your mental health. In addition, you will find contacts for help in the case of a crisis.


  • Psychological Corona Help from the German Psychological Society [German only]
    This site offers informational support on a variety of topics that can be both direct and indirect results of the current pandemic. There are sections addressed towards adults, children, and families.
  • Information sheet for download (PDF) from the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists [English & German]
    This info sheet provides a number of quick tips that can either help directly or serve as a springboard for further research. The topics addressed include practical tips, anxiety, children, conflicts and violence in the home, and boredom.
  • Article from the Clinic for Crisis Psychology Bergen, Norway [English, French, Norwegian]
    This article provides a few general tips for coping with quarantine/isolation.
  • BBC article ‘How to protect your mental health’ [English only]
    This article, among other topics, encourages you to limit your news and social media consumption and rather stay connected with friends and family directly.


  • Number Against Sorrow (for parents and children) [German mainly, other languages may be available but are not officially supported]
    This anonymous and free hotline provides support for all difficult situations in life: whether it be regarding problems in school, abuse, thoughts of self-harm, or anything else. Separate numbers are available for children and teenagers and for parents.
  • Telephone Counseling Marburg [German only]
    This anonymous and free hotline by the Evangelical and Catholic Churches provides support for all individuals in crisis situations (independent from religion). They emphasize that you can speak your heart and you will be greeted with understanding, compassion, and assistance.
  • Women’s Emergency Hotline Marburg [German, English, French, and other languages via an interpreter]
    This anonymous and free phone/email/video chat hotline is specialized to help women in all emergency situations. Cis, trans*, and non-binary individuals, as well as supporting persons, are explicitly included.

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