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Cooperation & Partnership

Eine Ebene höher
The ideal system for cooperation & Partnership of the e-Transfer Corner (e-TC) was initiated by Mai Dar and set up experimentally in 2010 in Marburg University Town by the Cosmoscopia Club International (CCI) & Kantgrad International Society (KIS) to develop a "supraregional digital freedom" by sharing the new principles of "academic teaching and research" with relevant scientific projects for interactive electronic database around the globe, primely located in the region between Eurasia and Austronesia.
Cooperation & Partnership e-TC/Inter-University Consortium (e-TC/I-UC)
e-TC/Inter-University Consortium for initiating higher education cooperation
Cooperation & Partnership e-TC/Inter-Community Consortium (e-TC/I-CC)
e-TC/Inter-Community Consortium for initiating multi-community cooperation
Cooperation & Partnership MoU
MoU (Memorandum of Understanding)
Cooperation & Partnership LoI
LoI (Letter of Intent)

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