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e-Transfer Corner (e-TC)

An Alternative to "Global Visionary Transferpreneurs":

A Transdisciplinary Center for Historical Reconstruction (Forgotten Heritages), Entrepreneurial Solution (Schumpeterian Innovation), Interregional Development (Austronesian-Eurasian Transformation)  & Polemology (Kantian Visionary) with Supraregional Networking System ("teaching through research") in the Corner of the Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany


  Approachment, Consultation & Management for "Panel of Experts":
Prof. Dr. Jochen Roepke,

[Honorary Patron/University Professor] 

"Economic Theory & Entrepreneurialism + Interregional Development" (Philipps-University of Marburg);

(For more infos about the e-TC scientific networking team, please visit separate page: "Standing Panel of Experts")

  Administration, Conception & Coordination (General Coordinator):
  Phenomenologist Mai Dar,

[Honorary Professorial Research Fellow/Visiting Professor] 

"Visionary History & Economic Phenomenology + Kantian Polemology"




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