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Assumptions and goals of research activity


Our research is based on the principles of relevance and rigor. Our goal is to acquire insights relevant to business practices and to publish these in the appropriate international journals. This requires not only a high degree of scientific networking but also a thoughtful design of the content of our studies:
  • To assure all activities are of relevance and contribute significantly to the scientific community we maintain and strengthen partnerships with other researchers and business representatives.
  • To assure the validity of our insights we maintain high standards with regards to the design of our research activities. For the most part, our research is grounded on empirical data, thus allowing for authoritative statements about cause-effect relationships. We use a wide range of qualitative (textual analysis, repertory grid method) and quantitative (structural equation modeling, conjoint analysis, cluster analysis) methods to deal with the complexity and variability of our research problems.

Our research mainly focuses on innovative value creation concepts. The underlying concept views innovative business model design as a system of activities, combining innovative value propositions (Value Proposition), open and flexible processes of value creation (Value Creation) as well as long-term revenue models (Value Capture).

Using this conceptual framework, our research targets three layers of analysis:
1 Macro-Layer: Researching holistic designs and competitive advantages of innovative business models. Main conceptual focus is business models.
2 Meso-Layer: Researching paradigms and strategic directions of business models, focusing on service-oriented business concepts. Main conceptual focus is service-dominant logic.
3 Micro-Layer: Researching individual system activities, focusing on methods for cooperative value creation. Main conceptual focus is inter-firm collaboration.
Research Goals

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