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Assumptions and goals of our teaching model



Our lessons aim to communicate knowledge and create practical skills and competencies. Thus, our events are generally supplemented by interactive elements and exercises in which you will learn how to use our methods and how to solve your own questions through the use of case studies. A series of guest lectures accompany our regular lectures, aiming to convey the practical relevance of our teachings.

Bachelor students

Bachelor students receive extensive training in the basics, focusing on interdisciplinarity, project work and practical relevance. Furthermore, the junior chair supports all bachelor students in their endeavor to learn the basics of the scientific process.

Master students

Master students receive teachings with a focus on research. Using current topics, students learn how to independently handle scientific research methods and literature.

Research-oriented teaching

Another goal is research-oriented teaching. Integrating research results into the teaching process as well as learning how to do actual research are primary goals of your qualification. During the research seminar, master students are heavily involved in research projects in order to convey practical experiences through scientific methods. This is seen as an essential ability for the subsequent master thesis and ignites potential postgraduates' interest in scientific research.

PhD students

We offer postgraduate students the possibility to write their doctoral thesis at the research group for innovative value creation concepts.

Core teaching portfolio



The following table lists the courses we normally offer to bachelor and master students:

Summer Term
Winter Term
  Bachelor Lecture: Quantitative Emprische Forschungsmethoden (Quantitative Empirical Methods) German Flag
Seminar: Innovative Wertschöpfungskonzepte (Innovative Value Creation Concepts)German Flag Bachelor ThesisGerman FlagEnglish Flag


Research Seminar: Innovative Wertschöpfungskonzepte (Innovative Value Creation Concepts) German Flag

English Flag
Research Seminar: Innovative Wertschöpfungskonzepte (Innovative Value Creation Concepts)German Flag

Lecture: Business Model Innovation English Flag
Master ThesisGerman FlagEnglish Flag

Please have a look at the current term page for additional offerings or changes to the regular course list!


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