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Prof. Dr. Thomas Clauß



Thomas Clauss 2015
email Email: thomas.clauss@wiwi.uni-marburg.de
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Address: Universitätsstraße 25 A, Zimmer 54, 35037 Marburg
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Office hours (SS18): Wednesday 09:00 - 10:30

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Clauß took on the position of assistant professor in business administration, specifically management with a focus on innovative value creation concepts on the 01.04.2013. He studied industrial engineering and economics at the University of Kassel and completed his doctorate at the University of Hamburg.

Thomas Clauß' research interests lie in the interdisciplinary field of innovative value creation concepts. Next to the strategic design of value creation co-operations, he focuses on the relevance of strategic service orientation as well as the management of business model innovations.

He researches in collaboration with partners from other universities such as Prof. Chanchai Tangpong (North Dakota State University), Prof. Patrick Spieth (University of Kassel) and Prof. Ricarda B. Bouncken (University of Bayreuth). His results have been published in renowned international journals (e.g. Industrial Marketing Management, R&D Management, Creativity and Innovation Management) and have been presented at numerous international conferences. Furthermore, his research has received awards from the German Society of Sales Science (Deutsche Werbewissenschaftliche Gesellschaft) as well as the consultancy Kampmann, Berg and Partner.

Thomas Clauß offers a research-oriented study program in the fields mentioned above and aims to inspire students to not only acquire knowledge but also to develop an interest in academic research. This is achieved via lectures, literature-based and empirical seminars as well as the supervision of theses.

Prof. Clauß aims to transfers his research results into business practice. He gives speeches to and advises companies in various industries. Prior to his academic career, he worked for Porsche Consulting, Siemens and Volkswagen.




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