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Peter Harengel (External Doctoral Candidate)



Peter Harengel
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Address  Address: Universitätsstraße 25 A, Zimmer 53, 35037 Marburg                                        

Peter Harengel is an external PhD student at the research group for management and innovative value creation concepts at the Philipps-University of Marburg. He holds an undergraduate degree (Diplom) in business administration/marketing and a Master of Science in computer science with an emphasis on informatics. His industry expertise is based on extensive work experience in creative projects in the entertainment industry in Germany and the United States. More recently he joined a management consulting boutique firm and advises consumer brands on strategic digital transformation projects. Peter Harengel’s research addresses topics in business model innovation and service transition with a particular focus on digitally enabled services.


Research interests:

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Digital Impact on Service Creation
  • TIME and CPG Industries
  • Qualitative Research
  • Bibliometric Methods


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