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Environmental health in traditional artisanal fishing communities in Bahia, Brazil

Zeit: 16.06.2016 18:15 h - 16.06.2016 19:45 h
Ort: DHS 3. 1. OG


Dr. Cristina Larrea Killinger

Weitere Informationen:

The aim of this talk is to show the results of an ethnographic study on care processes related to the experiences of physical pain suffered by (male and female) gatherers of shellfish in the region of Baixo Sul in the Estado de Bahia, Brazil. This collective is dedicated to the intensive gathering of crustaceans and shellfish in the mangroves and to the extraction of their flesh for consumption and for marketing. At ethnographic level, two communities are compared, a quilombola community and another fishing community, with kinship relations between them. Recollection is mostly a male activity and flesh extraction an exclusively female task. We observe an intensification of suffering in the experiences of physical pain related to an increased demand for seafood in the region. As a consequence of the medicalization process, we observe an increase of self-medication practices and biomedical care.


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Anja Bohnenberger

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