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Lab News


- Welcome to our new bachelor students Moana Andeberhan, Ahreum Han, Ilia Nikolskii, Vasilij Root and our new master student Philipp Mann!


Jana Vasilev received an award for her poster “Localization of peroxisomal matrix proteins in Guillardia theta indicates a special role of peroxisomes in cryptophytes” at the 14th International Colloquium in Endocytobiology and Symbiosis (ICES) in Lille, France. Congratulation!


- Welcome to our new PhD student Jana Vasilev and our new bachelor students Ekrem Camovic, Sarah Chaban, Charlotte Christoffel and Johanna Schmitt!


- Sebastian Schmidt joined our team as trainee for technical assistance. Welcome Sebastian!


- Welcome to our new master student Hyun Myung Choi!

- Welcome to our new bachelor students Luisa Raap, Anna Rochel, Simon Runge, Moritz Thoene, Niklas Schäfer und Marie-Luise Wirkner!


 - Welcome to our new PhD student Neri Fattorini!


- Daniel Stukenberg received a scholarship from the "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes" Congratulations!


- Uwe Maier received the Miescher-Ishida-Prize which acknowledges outstanding scientists who have made unique findings in the field of endocytobiology.


- Daniel Moog received the best presentation award for young scientists (3rd) for his oral presentation “The role of peroxisomes in eukaryote-eukaryote endosymbioses” on the 13th international colloquium of the International Society of Endocytobiology (ISE), Kyoto, Japan


- Welcome to our new PhD student Gianluca Dell´Aquila and our bachelor students  Pia Marter, Ann-Kathrin Mix, Juliane Saßmannshausen, Anna-Lena Zachert und Daniel Stukenberg!


- We welcome our new PhD student Stepanie Morris!


- welcome to the new MSc Student Katharina Puzik


- We welcome the new BSc students: Oliver Bäcker, Helena Boland, Josefine Dersch and Marco Heinze


- We welcome our new PhD students Viktoria and Michael!


- Franziska received the Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Prize of the „Initiative Biotechnologie und Nanotechnologie e.V. (IBiNa e.V.)“ for her research on „Diatoms as Bioreactors“!


- Kathrin and Franziska received teaching awards (junior lecturer) of the Faculty of Biology of the Philipps University Marburg!


- Frederic received a prize of the “Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft” for his master thesis on peroxisomes in diatoms!


- We welcome our new bachelor and master students Angelika, Vera and Christian!


-  We had a great rafting tour in 2014!

group photo 2014


- Simone won the Peter-Sitte-Preis for her poster „How membrane proteins are imported into secondary plastids across the SEC61 complex”. Congratulations!



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