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Lab News


Jana Vasilev received an award for her poster “Localization of peroxisomal matrix proteins in Guillardia theta indicates a special role of peroxisomes in cryptophytes” at the 14th International Colloquium in Endocytobiology and Symbiosis (ICES) in Lille, France. Congratulation!


- Welcome to our new PhD student Jana Vasilev and our new bachelor students Ekrem Camovic, Sarah Chaban, Charlotte Christoffel and Johanna Schmitt!


- Sebastian Schmidt joined our team as trainee for technical assistance. Welcome Sebastian!


- Welcome to our new master student Hyun Myung Choi!

- Welcome to our new bachelor students Luisa Raap, Anna Rochel, Simon Runge, Moritz Thoene, Niklas Schäfer und Marie-Luise Wirkner!


 - Welcome to our new PhD student Neri Fattorini!


- Daniel Stukenberg received a scholarship from the "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes" Congratulations!


- Uwe Maier received the Miescher-Ishida-Prize which acknowledges outstanding scientists who have made unique findings in the field of endocytobiology.


- Daniel Moog received the best presentation award for young scientists (3rd) for his oral presentation “The role of peroxisomes in eukaryote-eukaryote endosymbioses” on the 13th international colloquium of the International Society of Endocytobiology (ISE), Kyoto, Japan


- Welcome to our new PhD student Gianluca Dell´Aquila and our bachelor students  Pia Marter, Ann-Kathrin Mix, Juliane Saßmannshausen, Anna-Lena Zachert und Daniel Stukenberg!


- We welcome our new PhD student Stepanie Morris!


- welcome to the new MSc Student Katharina Puzik


- We welcome the new BSc students: Oliver Bäcker, Helena Boland, Josefine Dersch and Marco Heinze


- We welcome our new PhD students Viktoria and Michael!


- Franziska received the Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Prize of the „Initiative Biotechnologie und Nanotechnologie e.V. (IBiNa e.V.)“ for her research on „Diatoms as Bioreactors“!


- Kathrin and Franziska received teaching awards (junior lecturer) of the Faculty of Biology of the Philipps University Marburg!


- Frederic received a prize of the “Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft” for his master thesis on peroxisomes in diatoms!


- We welcome our new bachelor and master students Angelika, Vera and Christian!


-  We had a great rafting tour in 2014!

group photo 2014


- Simone won the Peter-Sitte-Preis for her poster „How membrane proteins are imported into secondary plastids across the SEC61 complex”. Congratulations!



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