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Tail-anchored protein targeting in chromalveolates

  Dr. Daniel Moog

Tail-anchored (TA) proteins are a special class of membrane proteins that contain a 'functional N-terminus' facing the cytosol and C-terminal transmembrane domain (TMD) followed by a soluble C-terminal sequence (CTS) of up to 50 amino acids present in the lumen of the organelle or compartment in which they reside. These proteins play essential roles in a variety of cellular processes including protein transport and degradation as well as redox reactions and apoptosis. In eukaryotes, TA proteins can be inserted post-translationally into the ER and peroxisomal membrane as well as the mitochondrial and plastid outer envelope membranes (OMM / OEM). While the targeting signals of TA proteins are characterized relatively well in opisthokonts (mammals and yeast) and plants, single-celled photosynthetic eukaryotes so far have been barely studied in this regard.

In this project, we are investigating the presence and targeting of tail-anchored proteins in organisms with complex plastids. Our main goal is to reveal the subcellular sorting pathways and to shed light on the targeting signals of TA proteins in these organisms to generate knowledge on the variety of TA protein targeting in eukaryotes.

Tail-anchored protein targeting in chromalveolates

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