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Here are some indications to reach us once in the Dentistry complex.

Dentistry (Zahnklinik) is point A, here you will find our department’s office. The laboratory is at point B.

To go to the laboratory from dentistry, you can go by feet. Take the redbrick way (1) that leads you to the stairs (2). Then, at the street level (3) go to the right and at the corner turn to the right again and go up the street (4) around the parking places. After passing the parking machine (5) at the higher part of the street the neurology/psychiatry building will be on the left. Cross the street and enter the parking area (6) of this complex and go to the main entrance (7). There will be a passage for the cars under the connection of two buildings. The laboratory is on building B (Bld B), the right side one. We are on the 4th floor of this building. At the entrance of Bld B there is a small elevator which you can take; there is also take the elevator on building A (Bld A) - the left side building- but then will need to cross via the connecting area to go to the building B (Bld B) at the 4th floor. If you take the small elevator at building B go to the right after going out of the elevator at the 4th floor.


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