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Prof. Dr. Thorsten Stiewe        

The research focus of our group is the p53 family of tumor suppressor genes. The p53 family is activated by cellular stress, hyperproliferative signals and developmental stimuli. These inputs are integrated within the p53 family in crosstalk with other cellular signalling networks to reach an appropriate cell fate decision that is executed by the selective transactivation of distinct transcriptional programmes leading to reversible cell cycle arrest, irreversible cell cycle exit (differentiation or senescence) or apoptotic cell death.

We are interested in the following questions:

- How do p53 and its family members suppress tumorigenesis?

- How does the p53 family inhibitor ΔNp73 enhance tumor formation?

- How do the p53 family members regulate gene expression?

- What is the function of the p53 family members in normal development?

For background information and a more detailed description of our research interest please click the "Research" link!


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
Deutsche Krebshilfe - Dr. Mildred Scheel Stiftung
von Behring-Röntgen-Stiftung
Kind-Philipp-Stiftung für pädiatrische Onkologie


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