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Course in German Culture and History and German language classes

Since it is impossible to immerse one's self in another culture without knowing the language, intensive German language courses are an integral part of the IUSP program. These German language courses encompass 120 contact hours and accommodate all levels of language proficiency, including beginner's level. Our goal is to enable you to pursue academic study in Germany while also making progress toward graduation at your home institution. You should also gain a deep understanding of another language and culture, an essential prerequisite for establishing personal ties.

The intensive language courses, together with a course on German culture and history, will be held during the first six weeks of our program. Shortly after your arrival in September (fall semester) or March (spring semester), you will receive language instruction for four to five hours a day, Monday through Friday. A language placement test upon arrival in Marburg will help determine each student's German proficiency level/course level.

Throughout the week, the intensive language training will be supplemented by a course relating to economy, politics, geography, history and institutions of contemporary Germany. Here, the language of instruction will be English.

A German conversation class is also offered in order to provide you with additional opportunities to practice what you have learned.


Regular Subject Classes

The IUSP courses are part of the regular Marburg University curriculum as found in the University course catalogue. They were chosen for the IUSP because they are especially suitable for helping students gain perspective on Germany and Europe. The IUSP courses are not focused on aspects related solely to Germany, but have an international focus. The IUSP courses maintain the highest academic standard.

A tutorial (obligatory!) will be offered with each course. It is being held in English to help students with the material that was covered in class. Course and tutorial are one inseparable unit.

Students will be able to be tested and obtain credit in English.

Class lists:


Please note:

Generally speaking, class descriptions are posted online later than what many colleges and universities outside of Germany are accustomed to. The reason for this lies in the differing academic calendars. The classes for the spring semester in Marburg are published in January; classes for the fall semester in Marburg are published in June.  We recommend looking at classes from the previous academic year to get a feel for what classes will be offered in the corresponding semester of the current academic year. In most subject areas, similar courses are offered on a rotating basis one time each academic year.  We do not offer the same classes every year/semester. Introductory-level courses, however, are generally repeated. Browsing through past catalogues can be helpful in giving you an idea of what courses may be offered and what courses may be counted towards your degree.

The descriptions in the class list are taken from our university course catalogue. It can be accessed, if of interest, through the word "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" in the menu of "Direkt-links" in the upper right corner of this page. By choosing the the respective semester the original description can be researched.


Note on Class Attendance

Please bear in mind that attendance is required in order to receive credit for IUSP classes. Failure to attend classes can result in grade cuts and/or a grade not being issued to you if you do not attend lectures regularly. IUSP students do not have the option of simply sitting for the exam at the end of the semester without having attended classes. Health issues and other serious reasons for missing lectures are, of course, another matter. Please keep your teacher and/or the IUSP staff informed if you are unable to attend lectures.

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