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Awards and Certificates

Südseite der Alten UniversitätPhilipps-Universität is as good as its employees and students. On the one hand, (inter)national awards bear witness to the achievements of its scientists and, on the other, the dedication of the university to providing optimal working conditions for its members has also been acknowledged many times.

Scientific prizes have now almost become an everyday occurrence, starting from the first Nobel Prize for Medicine awarded to Emil von Behring, eleven Leibniz Prizes, and numerous awards and prizes from national and international institutions. Philipps-Universität also grants highly esteemed honors such as the Behring Prize, the Brothers Grimm Prize and the Peter Becker Prize for Peace and Conflict Research.

Philipps-Universität works hard to provide its staff and students with the best possible living conditions. How successful it has been in this is reflected by several certificates. Its efforts are acknowledged by the certificate "Family-Friendly University Audit", the E-Quality Seal for exemplary exchange programs with European institutions, and by the fact that Marburg University is the university with the greatest number of blind students and is regarded as a university which is especially suited for the disabled and blind.

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