Publikationen und Konferenzbeiträge aus Natur 4.0

Peer-review journals

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Conference presentations and proceedings

Friess N, Bendix J, Brändle M, Brandl R, Dahlke S, Farwig N, Freisleben B, Holzmann H, Meyer H, Müller T, Opgenoorth L, Peter C, Quillfeldt P, Reudenbach C, Seeger B, Steinmetz R, Nauss T (2019) Introducing Nature 4.0: A sensor network for environmental monitoring in the Marburg Open Forest. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 3: e36389. https://doi.org/10.3897/biss.3.36389

Peter C (2019) Nature 4.0 – Environmental education and App-based nature conservation monitoring. Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers, Washington, DC, April 3-7 2019. Link

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Masello JF, Rösner S, Schumm Y, Ehmig M, Lindner K, Quillfeldt P (2019) Movement ecology, energy landscapes, and the microhabitat choice of Common Woodpigeons breeding at the Marburg Open Forest. Poster presentation. Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft, Annual Conference, 25–29 September, Marburg, Germany.

Rösner S, Lindner K, Ehmig M, Strehmann F, Schumm Y, Quillfeldt P, Farwig N, Masello JF (2019) Competition, stress and parasite prevalence: A bird community approach in an interior forest ecosystem. Poster presentation. Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft, Annual Conference, 25–29 September, Marburg, Germany.

Rösner S, Gottwald J, Lindner K, Strehmann F, Ehmig M, Friess N, Nauss T, Farwig N (2019) Concurrent radio telemetry of bats and birds in an interior forest ecosystem: Habitat and space use with the help of a fixed system of VHF antennas. Poster presentation. Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft, Annual Conference, 25–29 September, Marburg, Germany.