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Information for Incoming Students

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy!

The faculty's ERASMUS coordination is happy to assist you in every possible way. Please contact either your  Departmental Coordinator Dr. Ulrike Bieker in case you need information or have problems regarding courses (e.g. ECTS credits) and the faculty in general or Mr Markus Weber (ECTS Coordinator) who is responsible for signing your learning agreement and your changes document. For ERASMUS nominations/applications and in cases of general problems or questions regarding the ERASMUS programme, please contact our European Office.


Information about our Faculty

Please find more information about the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy as well as its departments and centers in our FLYER.

Special information for incoming exchange students (e.g. important administrative regulations) you will find in our Faculty Guide for Incoming Students (last update: September 2018).

Course Selection and Registration

We provide a preliminary version of our english course catalogue. Please make sure to recheck with "Marvin" after the official catalogue has been published.

Please note: Course catalog for all departments accessible via "Marvin" from March 1st, 2019

Find information on how to register for courses here.

If you have probems enrolling for courses: Please send an Email to Mr. Andrey Trofimov (andrey.trofimov@uni-marburg.de) with the subject "Exchangestudent Registration Marvin". He needs your Matrikelnummer (matriculation on your student ID-Card) and the course-number, which should look like this: "LV-03-...-....."  Please note, that the procedure might be different, if you want to take courses from other departments or i.e. language courses. In that case, you should contact the respective coordinator.

There is no regular, repetitive study programme in English available at our faculty. Instead the courses in English change each semester. Especially the Departments of Political Science and Sociology as well as the Center for Conflict Studies offer several courses in English. You can find the courses taught in English in the course catalogue by clicking on "Department 03 Social Sciences and Philosophy" and then on "Exchange Students (ERASMUS & Overseas Incomings)" (click on the small +-icon in order to expand the section or on the arrow-icon at the right side of the screen in order to expand the whole subtree). 

Incoming students are welcome to choose their courses from all classes taught at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy, even courses of Master programmes if you are a Bachelor student. If you would like to attend classes at other faculties, please inform the respective lecturer and your Departmental Coordinator. 

Since the course enrollment process is not working properly for exchange students yet, you don't have to register via MARVIN. Just bring your Belegliste to the first session of the course, inform your lecturer and let her*him sign it. Furthermore, as an Erasmus/ international exchange student, you do not hat to register online for your exams (“Prüfungsanmeldung”) like the regular Marburg students, your “Belegliste” will be a sufficient record of your academic work and grades.



We only award ECTS-Points for courses in which you took a "Prüfungsleistung" usually some sort of written exam (e.g. term paper or exam). We DO NOT award credits for participation only or "Studienleistungen" (e.g. oral presentation, text summaries)! Therefore, please make sure that you take a Prüfungsleistung in every course that you want to receive ECTS-Points for. Sometimes, there is no Prüfungsleistung in a specific course or the lecturer offers Studienleistungen as well as Prüfungsleistungen. In these cases, please ask your lecturer to offer a Prüfungsleistung for you.


Orientation Programme for Incoming Students

The International Office offers an orientation week for incoming students at the beginning of each semester. The ERASMUS coordinators of all faculties will also be present and give a small tour around the faculity's class rooms, libraries and different departments. In addition, there are specific orientation programmes offered by most of our departments - just check out their own homepages.


Further Questions?

Check out our list of frequently asked questions for incomings: FAQ Incomings

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