28.04.2021 Cultural Heritage in Cyberspace Wins the DAAD’s long-term Support under the German-Egyptian Progress Partnership

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has selected the project "Cultural Heritage in Cyberspace" to receive their long-term support within the framework of the German-Egyptian Progress Partnership program for the round of 2021-2023.

“Cultural Heritage in Cyberspace” comes as crystallization and unification of years’ enduring reach-out efforts exerted by the participating German institutions, from Marburg, Halle, Leipzig, Gotha, and devoted to constructive cooperation with the Egyptian side; represented in the Egyptian National Library and Archives/ Dar al-Kutub, Cairo, and ‘yin Shams Universities and several local academic and professional institutes. Explicitly targeting fields of Islamic, Arabic, and Middle Eastern Studies, Oriental Manuscripts, Heritage Studies, and Digital Humanities, the project "Cultural Heritage in Cyberspace: Education, Preservation, and Access", through its carefully designed measures, interdisciplinary approach, and multi-facets-focus, aims at creating a solid collaboration with Egyptian higher-education institutes which fosters a well-informed development in the quality of research, uninterrupted exchange of knowledge, and accessibility to research material, in addition to achieving a maintainable advancement in teaching and technical capabilities within the institutes targeted by the project. Furthermore, the project focuses on stipulating an intercultural and highly efficient didactic environment for German and Egyptian students and scholars alike; which would further enhance their qualifications for academic careers and effectively increase their opportunities for employability.

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