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C1 - Coordination

PI: Georg Miehe, Thomas Nauss, Lars Opgenoorth | Sebsebe Demissew, Zerihun Woldu
Coordinator: Katinka Thielsen | Awol Asefa


The team of the Ethiopian and German Speakers/Project leaders and coordinators is responsible for the following tasks in the interdisciplinary and intercultural research group:

FOR 2358
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FOR 2358

  • The overall coordination of research activities across the projects and between all project members.

  • The continued maintenance of communication and information exchange between the project partners
    and local to national institutions.

  • The selection of additional research plots for excavation, coring and vegetation and animal survey activities.

  • The management of overall administrative and financial tasks.

  • The organizational assistance for field trips including permits, logistics and sample export.

  • The planning and organization of project meetings/ scientific workshops and other administrative services.