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Internationalization Re-Audit

The strategic overall concept developed by the executive committee and the internationalization steering group in 2012 regarding the framework for internationalization in the area of research and the promotion of young talent, with regard to the education of students, and not least in the area of administration and scholarship management was refined and put into concrete terms within the framework of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) audit “Internationalisation of Universities” (2013/14) and adapted to the specific requirements of Philipps-Universität and its academics and students.

Three basic requirements for the continued internationalization of Philipps-Universität were identified, five areas of activity were specified and prioritised

  • Basic requirement 1: Relaunch of the English-language website
  • Basic requirement 2: Development of a language profile
  • Basic requirement 3: Strategic partnerships
  • Area of activity 1: Attracting international students and securing their academic success through appropriate advice and support services for international students
  • Area of activity 2: Extending the range of English and foreign-language modules, especially in Master’s degree programs
  • Area of activity 3: Developing additional international degree programs
  • Area of activity 4: Increasing the OUTGOING student mobility
  • Area of activity 5: Internationalizing research and the promotion of young talent

In the context of the internationalization re-audit, this process was promoted and an implementation plan was formulated with more than 50 measures at centralized and decentralized levels. The HRK will support the implementation process until the end of 2019.


Petra Kienle
Department VI A 1 Internationalization and Academic Collaborations
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