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  • Photo: Rolf K. Wegst

International Profile

We consider internationalization as a continuous and dynamic process to optimize the framework which supports and facilitates international thinking and action. All the members of the university share responsibility for this interdisciplinary task. Therefore, it is to be organized in as transparent and multi-perspective a manner as possible and is to involve all the relevant groups at the university.

Philipps-Universität is an international and cosmopolitan university. The objectives of internationalization as a continuous process are 

  • to strengthen and continuously optimize the framework for internationally integrated thinking and action in the university’s key areas of activity (research, teaching, administration);
  • to continue to improve the quality of the research and teaching with measures with an international focus;
  • to make the strengths of Philipps-Universität visible on an international level and to continue to increase our competitiveness in an international and national context;
  • to ensure the international employability and the confident action of our graduates abroad, to promote their linguistic abilities, intercultural skills, mobility and flexibility;
  • to both boost the quality of our courses and research partnerships and to strive for a quantitative increase in the numbers of students and mobility figures;
  • to continue to strengthen the position of the university and the town of Marburg as an internationally visible and cosmopolitan location for research, studying and teaching.