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  • Photo: Felix Wesch

Research Profile

Advances in knowledge are gained due to exceptional performances in the individual disciplines. They are the foundation for interaction and mutual stimulation of research disciplines and cultures, with respect to topics of interest as well as methodology. Building up on this research is amalgamated in interdisciplinary collaborations – within the Philipps-Universität as well as with regional and international partners. Here, the conjunction with the Justus Liebig University Giessen and the University of Applied Sciences Central Hessen (THM) in the research Campus Central Hessen (FCMH) is of outermost importance, as it is allowing for a strategic mid- and longterm development of our research with most reliable partners. Scientists from Marburg and Giessen, for the first time, approach the currently in the societal discourse most important topic ‘safety’ from a historical perspective. Neuroscientists from both universities bundle their expertise for analyzing mechanisms of perception, where their findings will find application also in medicine. Together with scientists from Frankfurt, chemists and pharmacists from Marburg and Giessen are addressing the question, how the specific efficacy of medical drugs can be improved. Top-level research is not restricted by national boundaries: Especially the medical research with its focus on tumor- and inflammation research as well as infection biology, in close collaboration with cell biology, holds a strong network of partners in the European Union and beyond. For decades physicists and mathematicians from Marburg are collaborating with colleagues in the USA as well as in Russia. The scientists in the Center for Near and Middle East Studies (CNMS) are not only researching about the Arab world but are working in close collaboration with their local colleagues.