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Philipps-Universität Marburg Internationalization Fund: Awarding Criteria and Application


In the context of the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) audit or re-audit “Internationalization of Universities”, Philipps-Universität Marburg has developed strategic objectives and measures for strengthening and continuously optimizing the framework for internationally integrated thinking and action in the university’s key areas of activity (research, teaching, administration). The aim is to make the performance level of Philipps-Universität more visible on an international level and to safeguard its competitiveness in the areas of teaching and research for the long term through greater internationalization.

Therefore, the President´s Office provides annual funds to promote, advocate and launch international activities in its departments, institutes and centers and administration units. The internationalization fund serves to provide partial funding - especially start-up funding - for measures and activities which contribute to the internationalization of the departments, institutes, centers or degree programs if there is no sufficient funding from other sources. These measures and activities should be geared towards sustainability and suitable for developing and strengthening the international profile in the respective unit applying for funding. Please note that there is a special research fund ("Forschungsförderfonds") for research-centred activities and measures.


The internationalization fund can be used to fund measures or activities which benefit the creation or expansion of strategically important international contacts of the unit applying for funding. Projects and measures in line with the internationalization strategy of Philipps-Universität are eligible for funding.

The university’s English-language website, the development of a language profile and the expansion of the university’s strategic partnerships are regarded as basic requirements for the realization of our objectives.

The following five areas of action and objectives have been specified and prioritized:

1. Attracting, advising and supporting international students (exchange and degree programs)

          a. Attracting international students

          b. Advising and supporting international students

2. English/foreign-language teaching

3. International degree programs

4. OUTGOING mobility: studies/internships

5. Internationalizing research and the promotion of young talent

Types of Funding


English-language website, e.g.

- Translations of webpages on the website/CMS of Philipps-Universität


Language profile, e.g.

- Development of foreign-language programs in collaboration with the   language center, with a focus on German as a foreign language, English and other strategically important languages, if applicable


Strategic partnerships, e.g.

- Activities of the unit applying for funding within the strategic cooperation and networks of Philipps-Universität

- Identification of strategic (Erasmus+) partners at departmental level and development of appropriate measures


Attracting, advising and supporting international students (exchange and degree programs), e.g.

- Development and designation of English-language courses covering at least 30 ECTS

- (further) development, safeguarding and professionalization of advice and support structures


English/foreign-language teaching, e.g.

- Visiting researchers from abroad etc.

- Subsidy for institutional contribution in the event of the application for a DAAD guest lectureship (only model A - individual funding)


International degree programs, e.g.

- Development of cooperative and/or joint degree programs and models for the internationalization of the courses on offer


OUTGOING mobility: studies and internships, e.g.

- Development of measures to support student mobility abroad


Internationalizing research and the promotion of young talent, e.g.

- Support for the development of international graduate schools

- Support for international mobility

Application Procedure

Professors, academic members and administrative units of Philipps-Universität are entitled to apply. Funding from the internationalization fund is generally a one time grant. Funding of similar international activities within the same institution can only take place in consecutive years if there are sufficient funds in the international fund in the year in question.

Applications for funds from the Internationalization Fund must be made via the International Office to the Vice-President for International Affairs with a statement from the dean of the department or the executive director of the center. Applications by administrative units must be submitted via the Head of Administration Unit VI (International Office). The internationalization steering group sorts through the applications and gives recommendations regarding the awarding of funds. The Presdient´s Office makes a decision on the basis of these recommendations.

The application should provide answers to the following questions:

  • To what extent does the measure contribute to the internationalization objectives of Philipps-Universität or of the department/institute/center/administrative unit?
  • Is the measure aimed at sustainability? What effects are expected in the medium and long term?
  • Is there a personal contribution from the department/institute/center/administrative unit?
  • Are other sources of funding exhausted (third party funds, other funding programs)?
  • How is the permanent funding or continuation of the measure to be realized in the case of long-term activities?

The application proposal must include:

  • a presentation of the contents of the project, its objectives and reasons
  • a statement from the dean of the department or the executive director of the center
  • financing plan and timeline
  • if applicable, written agreements with international partners or cooperation agree­ments

Administration Unit VI is happy to support the departments and centers with their application and provide information about alternative funding options, if applicable.

Application Deadlines

  • 1st March
  • 1st July
  • 15th October

Only applications which are made electronically to the following e-mail address with a statement from the dean of the department or the executive director of the center are accepted. A report must be made in writing regarding the use of the funds and the results achieved, immediately after the end of the funding period (by e-mail to In the case of approval, please note that the approved funds may be reclaimed if a report is not submitted within six months of the end of the funding period, and further applications cannot be considered.