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Work package Ecological piloting

The development of Nature4.0 requires detailed training and validation data sets. In the work package Ecological Piloting (EP) classical ecological in situ sampling methods are combined with the possibilities of Nature4.0. This ensures the provisioning of the necessary ecological basic data for the development of the individual models together with the WP Environmental Modeling. At the same time, a practical test for the documentation of the potential of Nature4.0 with regard to nature conservation monitoring and ecological research will be made possible.


The core of the EP project area is the high-resolution recording and quantification of interaction networks for the purpose of nature conservation relevant monitoring within the framework of Nature4.0. Based on the structure, physiology and phenology (including leaf and seed production) of trees, the focus is on the associated groups of insects, songbirds, bats, birds of prey, small and large mammals. The structure of the forest is characterized not only on a physical basis, but also by perceived spatial resistances that are reflected in motion profiles. The EP work package is diverse and connected in changing relationships with subprojects of the environmental modeling work package. This connection takes place both at the level of the data streams and the modeling.

Contribution to Nature 4.0

With its ecological expertise and the in situ recording of relevant variables for the quantification of biotic interactions, the EP project area lays the foundation for model development and model validation in Nature4.0. The close interlocking with the environmental modeling project area creates synergies in modeling and implementation, which are also directly valued for the piloting of the Nature4.0 system using the example of the detailed analysis of multiple interaction networks.