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Modular research structure

The development of the Nature 4.0 project requires a scientific network and dynamic project management. In order to exploit synergies, the subprojects are assigned to three work packages (WPs) with differentiated objectives. Together, they form the Nature 4.0 Lab, a central organizational structure that accompanies the interlocking of research activities.

WP Sensor network

The goal is the compilation of efficient and modular environmental sensor boxes, which form the primary data acquisition component of Nature 4.0 via autonomous communication networks and data preprocessing in the network. The sensor platform combinations integrate motion information with climatic, acoustic and/or optical measurements. The sensor boxes are also used for environmental education activities, which are therefore classified in this area.

WP Environmental modeling

The goal is the development and implementation of machine learning methods to derive nature conservation relevant information from the primary data of the sensor network and to model this irregular information area-wide. Together with the WP Ecological Piloting, methods for acoustic noise filtering and species recognition, for image classification and for radar-based recording of insects will be developed and integrated into the database module of Nature 4.0. In cooperation with the WP Sensor Network, it is examined to what extent data pre-processing can already be implemented in the sensor network and the data volume that ultimately has to be transmitted can be reduced.

WP Ecological piloting

The aim is to accompany the compilation of sensor boxes from an ecological perspective, to provide training and test data for model development and to carry out pilot studies to evaluate the performance of Nature 4.0. For the model development, in situ data will be collected over longer periods of time using predominantly classical methods and linked with parallel sensor box measurements. The pilot studies focus on the quantification of multiple interaction networks by means of Nature 4.0 and include insects, songbirds and birds of prey as well as small and large mammals.

Nature 4.0 Lab

The aim is to coordinate the LOEWE project and support the WPs and subprojects. The subprojects are coordinated and scientists are brought together in topic-specific groups. Together with the WPs, the sustainability strategy is implemented and centrally controlled.

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