12.09.2016 Miescher-Ishida Prize for Uwe Maier

Congratulations to Uwe Maier, project leader in the CRC 987! He received the Miescher-Ishida Prize for his excellent research.

 The Miescher-Ishida Prize was initiated by Dr. Masahiro R. Ishida "in commemoration of the discoveries of nuclear and extranuclear DNA" to acknowledge outstanding scientists who have made unique findings in the field of endocytobiology or contributed to the development of this science. The Prize is awarded in recognition for the DNA isolation by Dr. Friedrich Miescher in Tübingen 1869, and by Dr. Masahiro R. Ishida, who first extracted chloroplast DNA together with Dr. R. Sager in 1961.

The Miescher-Ishida Prize is presented by the International Society of Endocytobiology (ISE) and the University of Tübingen.

Prof. Uwe Maier received this prize for his research on cellular functionality.