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"I joined the programme not only because of the learning opportunity that the master's offers, but also for how it is tailor-made to one of the most complex yet exciting regions in the world."
- Nora Abdelbary from Egypt

"About the city of Marburg, I liked the thing that it is small city, also it is a very beautiful and important city, the people there are very welcoming and helpful."
Mohamed Abdelrahman from Egypt

"An innovative side of EMEA can be sensed widely through the intensive interaction environment that empowers various analytical understanding in regards development related issues, starting from household economy till sustainable tourism. A cheerful-practical international spirit spreads among students and inhabitants in the city of Marburg; professors gave us incentives to search and check new topics to analyze and to discover new thinking approaches."
Hanoof Abu Arja from Jordan

"The EMEA program is suitable for ambitious students, who want to enrich their abilities in different aspects of the economics in a more practical way. The study of economics as part of the EMEA will allow the students to further develop their statistical and academic skills and thus to compete for vacant positions in different fields of the economy. At the end, the program encourages the collaboration between Germans and Arabs as delivering them the opportunity to learn the language, enabling them to communicate and organize events together or even celebrating religious fests in an interreligious way."
Muhammad Awwad from Palestine

"Through the Master programme, I was well prepared to work in an international business environment, since the intercultural methods have been covered during my studies have helped me to shape an idea on how to behave in a multinational atmosphere."
Husam Al Dakak from Syria - Project Manager

"I got my job as a senior economist is already embedded in Policy Shapers and Regulations. My thesis project was very helpful for me in getting the job as these topics are among the fields we are working on."
Ala'a Kolkaila from Egypt - Senior Economic Researcher

"I am working as a financial reporting and projects analyst in Singapore,. The international aspect of my Master’s Degree was definitely a major asset. The Master’s Programme also helps me a lot in developing the strategic thinking as well as the mindset."
Ahmed Abdelsatter from Egypt - Financial Reporting and Projects Analyst

"I got my job as an economic consultant in Maxwell Stamp LLC.. We work primarily in the MENA region on various topics like international trade, energy policy, and utilities sector reform and development to name a few. Macroeconomics, econometrics and international trade helped me a lot in landing as well as doing my current job."
Samar Sabie from Egypt – Economic Consultant

"The international aspect of this Master’s Programme helped me easily interact and make connections with international companies’ representatives and managers."
Farhad Rasool from Iraq - Site Admin and Finance Manager

"The Master’s programme has also been helpful for my current job in developing the logic way of thinking, how to approach research and how to use tools to collect data."
Bassel Elkhateeb from Egypt – Business Analyst

"I co-founded my own consultancy with a partner in Turkey, where I am now the director. The Master’s Degree has been helpful for me in my current position in terms of networking, different management and technical modules, as well as organizational theory."
Youssef Almustafa from Syria – Director of a Consulting Firm

"My internship at GIZ and the focus on MENA region in this position was also very helpful for me in getting this job."
Noor Abdelhafez from Egypt – Senior Business Analyst

"I work as a Senior Business Analyst, with a focus on the MENA region. We work for global consulting companies, which provide services to entrepreneurs and governmental entities as well."
Omneya Ibrahim from Egypt - Senior Business Analyst