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Academic Advisory Board

The School’s Academic Advisory Board promotes the faculty's development of future-oriented and sustainable long-term perspectives. The board advises the faculty in strategic and operational questions concerning teaching and research priorities and the School’s structural development.

Members of the Advisory Board:

Carsten Hefeker
Foto: Privat

Prof. Dr. Carsten Hefeker (Professor for European Economic Policy, University of Siegen)

Reinhard Loose
Foto: Privat

Reinhard Loose (Executive Board Member of MLP SE, Wiesloch)

Elmar Lukas
Foto: Privat

Prof. Dr. Elmar Lukas (Chair of Business Administration, in particular Innovation and Financial Management, University of Magdeburg)

Lydia Mechtenberg
Foto: Privat

Prof. Dr. Dr. Lydia Mechtenberg (Professor of Economics, in particular Microeconomics, University of Hamburg)

Kathrin Möslein
Foto: FAU/Thomas Einberger

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein (Chair of Information Systems, Innovation and Value Creation, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

Manfred Roth
Foto: Privat

Manfred Roth (Managing Director of ROTH-Werke, Dautphetal)

Lars Witteck
Foto: Privat

Dr. Lars Witteck (Chairman) (Executive Board Member of Volksbank Mittelhessen, Giessen)