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Export modules offered by the School of Business and Economics

The School of Business and Economics offers a broad array of export modules. These modules are available to all matriculated students at the University of Marburg, provided arrangements have been made with their departments for the offering of export and import modules. Students are required to adhere to the rules and formal requirements for registration specified in the School's programme and examination regulations. Interested students are therefore advised to take advantage of the consultations offered by the Student Advisory Service of the School of Business and Economics before taking export modules.

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    Registration at the School of Business and Economics: if you would like to take part in examinations, you will need to register using single sign-on so that we can activate your online registration for the examination. During the single sign-on, you will be required to select the module package that you would like to complete at the School of Business and Economics and the number of credits. If this changes later on, the Examinations Office must be notified. Please submit the form to the Examinations Office. You can also obtain a TAN list from the Examinations Office for online registration if you have not yet received a list from your own department.

    You are required to register for examinations yourself before the deadlines specified by the School of Business and Economics. Please obtain information about School's dates and deadlines in a timely manner, as these will typically differ from those of your department. Late registrations will not be accepted at the School. A user guide for students in other programmes who are interested in registering for examinations can be found here.

    The registration form for single sign-on at the School of Business and Economics can be obtained from the Examinations Office.

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Export Modules

For the study programs listed below and from summer 2019 on

Basic modules are now mandatory (for example "Unternehmensführung" for business administration)!
Please read the documentation carefully!

Courses for all other study programs (or for those who started prior to summer 2019)