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PhD Programme at the School of Business & Economics

The School of Business & Economics offers academically interested and ambitious individuals with above-average academic achievements the opportunity to obtain the degree of Doctor of Economics (Dr.rer.pol).

Paths to the PhD

The doctorate is considered as proof of the ability to perform advanced academic work, which is furnished by presenting an independently created academic dissertation. A doctoral project can be realized in three ways at the School of Business & Economics:

  • Doctorate in the context of activity as a research assistant in one of the professorships of the Faculty (so-called "internal" doctorate) 
    List of current positions by schools and institutions 
  • Doctorate with scholarship General information on this can be found here. Information on scholarship opportunities is also regularly published on the website of the Marburg University Research Academy (MARA).
  • Doctorate as part of a release from work or a doctoral period financed by a company (so-called "external" doctorate).

As a rule, the preparation of a dissertation as part of an academic position at one of the Faculty professorships is supposed to take three years.

Application and Admission

In the first step, interested parties should become clear about their substantive areas of interest. Subsequently, they should contact one of the suitable Faculty professorships. The "Research" section of the School's website provides a comprehensive overview of the research priorities of the professorships and academic institutions and their academic output. Admission as a doctoral candidate takes place after at least one regular professor of the Faculty has agreed to supervise the dissertation.

Further information for foreign applicants

Doctoral Studies

One element of doctoral studies at the Faculty is attendance at doctoral courses and academic workshops or conferences. A total of 30 ECTS must be rendered here. The doctoral students of the School of Business & Economics have the opportunity to participate in the interuniversity MAGKS Doctoral Programme and the regular Research Colloquium. In addition, the Marburg University Research Academy (MARA) offers doctoral candidates a wide range of soft skills and introductory method courses.

Doctoral Regulations

The current (and previous) version of the doctoral regulations and the form for the supervision agreement can be found here.

Contact person for formal and administrative questions

Examinations Office, School of Business and Economics
Ms. Linda Grigat
Universitaetsstrasse 25
35037 Marburg
Fax: 06421/28-24858