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  • Alumni Career Statistics

    Altogether, there are 96 alumni from more than ten different countries; 46 per cent of them are women. Our graduates work in professionally-advanced positions as analysts, managers, and researchers with reference to the MENA region. Part of the alumni continue their studies in form of a PhD.

    Evaluation of 75 students in our alumni network in 2021 revealed that:
    ● 89.6 % of graduates were able to find a job within one year of graduation.
    ● 9 % continued studying a PhD programme after graduation.
    ● graduates can be found in many sectors such as consulting (40.3 %), finance (17.9 %), academia (13.4 %), ministries (11.9 %), as well as different other industries (13.4 %).

    According to an alumni survey in 2013:
    ● 73% of alumni found employment within six months after graduation.
    ● 82% of alumni established a career strongly linked to MENA economics and business.
    ● 94% of alumni would recommend the programme to a friend or colleague.

    Source: GIZ/DAAD (see Sponsors) alumni survey for the German-Arab Master's programmes (GAMP).

  • Alumni Testimonials

    The ECAR and EMEA testimonials give you a short introduction to the things that our alumni like about their jobs and how they reached their position.

  • Alumni Career Portraits

    Read detailed portraits of selected alumni and their professional experience after graduation in our Blog:

    ● Leadership for Syria - How ECAR Educated Me for Change
    ● Promoting Imports for Development - Working for German Import Promotion Desk (IPD)
    ● Let's Build! - Working for the Nebny Foundation in Cairo
    ● Roads Travelled - Working for the German Federal Foreign Office
    ● Interview with Youssef Almustafa - Alumnus and Founder of Trust Consultancy and Development
    ● Interview with Husam Aldakak - Founder of Sustainable Trade Bridgers
    ● Interview with Shadi Ali - Managing Director of OWLWO Global 

  • Join the EMEA Network: Alumni Registration

    Are you an ECAR or EMEA alumna/alumnus and would like to stay in touch with us? Great! Please take a few minutes to fill out a short survey and registration form.

    >>> Start alumni survey and registration <<<

    By taking part in the survey, you will help us to...

    ● ... keep our alumni contact data up-to-date
    ● ... inform alumni about events and opportunities related to the programme
    ● ... evaluate and develop the programme
    ● ... improve information about the programme for potential students

    About the use of submitted data
    ● No personal data will be published if not indicated in the preferences.
    ● The EMEA team will have access to submitted data and will use it only for alumni work and programme evaluation.
    ● We would like to publish alumni profiles on our website consisting of a photo and selected text from the survey response. Examples of profiles can be viewed in the Testimonials. If you agree to the publication of such a profile, please send us a photo that you would like see in your profile.

  • Career Center Services

    Funded by the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art and the European Union - European Social Fund, the International Office of the Philipps-Universität Marburg offers a wide range of seminars and workshops to prepare foreign students for the German job market. You will be informed about the legal situation of international students, working in Germany and job hunting, as well as key skills and application strategies. Find out more on the Career Center Services website.