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Our research interest is molecular oncology with a focus on human ovarian cancer. We are particularly interested in intercellular signaling and molecular interactions within the tumor microenvironment, the transcriptional networks controlled by these interactions and their impact on tumor progression and therapy resistance --> OvaRA. This work is closely linked to our interest in elucidating the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation by the nuclear receptor PPARβ/δ, its role in macrophage functions and the evaluation of its therapeutic potential using newly developed inhibitory ligands.

In addition to our research activities, we teach molecular biology and biochemistry to students of Medical Science and Medicine

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Institute of Molecular Biology and Tumor Research (IMT)
Center for Tumor Biology and Immunology (ZTI)
Philipps-Universität Marburg
Hans-Meerwein-Straße 3
35043 Marburg

Phone: +49 6421 28-66236
Fax: +49 6421 28-68923


Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance - OvaRA