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HeFDI Code School: Sustainable Research Software (EN)

Program Summer Semester 2024 Basic Track
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Program Summer Semester 2024 Advanced Track
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Scientific software is in many disciplines crucial for understanding and reusing research data and a cornerstone for reproducibility of research results. The HeFDI Code School adresses the need of especially early career researchers on learning how to create good scientific software and increase the quality of their code for better reusability and sustainability.

In Summer Semester 2024 we are piloting two tracks:

Basic Track: Advanced Track:
Introduction to programming basics for those without any prior programming skills. A series of three online workshops. A summer school for experienced developers. Participants need general knowledge of a programming language and basic understanding of object-oriented programming and versioning.

The HeFDI Code School is a cooperation between HeFDI, Suresoft project, NFDI4Earth and NFDI4Ing. All workshops are free-of-charge.

Summer Semester 2024: Basic Track

Our Code School basics are a set of three online workshops in cooperation with NFDI4Earth . We offer a general introduction into basic programming and data science skills, i.e. programming basics with Python language and plotting. All workshops are free-of-charge.

Registration Basic Track

Register here! Please note that there is a separate registration for the advanced track.

The 4-hour workshops combine input phases with group sessions and exercises, since the best way to learn programming is to write your own code. You can register for all three courses or choose the once most interesting for your.

Date & Time Title Topics Instructor
Fr 26th April 2024,
Introduction to Python
  • Installation & structure of a python code
  • First functions & small programs
  • Building your own functions
PD Dr. Dominik Hezel,
Goethe University Frankfurt / NFDI4Earth
Fr 17th Mai 2024,
Working with datasets
  • The pandas package
  • More functions: conditionals
  • Making Plots: the matplotlib package
PD Dr. Dominik Hezel,
Goethe University Frankfurt / NFDI4Earth
Fr 21st June 2024,
Accessing databases
  • The requests package
  • Making a webpage to display and manipulate data
PD Dr. Dominik Hezel,
Goethe University Frankfurt / NFDI4Earth

Summer Semester 2024 Advanced Track

This year we are piloting a 3-day summer school from July 2nd to July 4th at the Idea Lab in Kassel. We offer this school in cooperation with Suresoft and NFDI4Ing. For more information see the detailed description below.

Please have a look at the preparation and prior knowledge section before registering. Please be aware that the knowledge gained from the basic track is likely not to be sufficient for the advanced track! 

Registration Advanced Track

There are still a few participations available! Please register here.


Scientific software is often hard to maintain and reuse. A major reason for the instability of software is that it is subject to continuous change. This is especially true for software in the scientific context, since the scientific discourse is open-ended. Change has caused difficulties for scientific software developers from the very beginning, and it continues to do so. In parallel, the software engineering community has produced numerous developments that we as research software developers can take advantage of to significantly support our work. This workshop is an introduction on how to bridge the gap between both worlds and introduces practices, methods and principles to develop maintainable software and to make the software development process sustainable.


Date Time Topics Instructor
Day 1:
Tue 2nd July, 2024
  • Motivation for sustainable software design
  • Basic concepts for organizing complexity
  • Object Oriented Programming
Suresoft / NFDI4Ing
Day 2:
Wed 3rd July, 2024
  • Design principles: SOLID & Co. with application examples
  • Design Patterns with hands-on application exercise
Suresoft / NFDI4Ing
Day 3
Thu 4th July, 2024
  • Clean Code and Refactoring with interactive hands-on examples
  • Tipps for working with Python
Suresoft / NFDI4Ing

    Preparation for the Advanced Track

    During this workshop, we will work collaboratively using Visual Studio Code, which can be used in the browser without any further installation. However, we recommend that you install the following software in order to be able to code yourself and/or to reproduce later:

    Prior Knowledge for the Advanced Track

    We assume some basic knowledge of the python programming language and the version management system git. At least, you should be able to read and understand python. In general, the concepts we address are programming language agnostic. Hence, you should be able to easily use them with your favorite programming language.

    As we will use a collaborative session in VS Code you don’t necessarily need to have Python installed on your local machine. But, in order to work on your own machine, you can download and install Python from

    Organisational Information

    • Date: 2.7.2024, 13h - 4.7.2024, 13h
    • Location: Science Park Kassel, Idea Lab, Universitätsplatz 12, 34127 Kassel
    • Directions
    • Fees / costs:
      • No fees for the course
      • You will have to pay for your own accommodation and meals, i.e. lunch, dinner and breakfast. During the event we can provide you with free coffee & tea as well as small snacks, thanks to the support of the University of Kassel 
    • Recommendations for accomodation
      • Renthof Kassel and Stadthotel Kassel are located close to the Science Park .
      • In order to achieve a favorable price, you can refer to the participation in the HeFDI Code School/University of Kassel as well as the framework agreement with the University of Kassel

    Cooperation Partners