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Integrated Research Training Group

The primary goal of the integrated research training group (IRTG) is to offer all doctoral students of the SFB 1083 the best possible support for their doctorate. Within the framework of the IRTG and the overarching research topic 'Structure and Dynamics of Internal Interfaces', the doctoral students will be firstly supported professionally in their individual doctoral project, secondly, they will benefit from the strong interdisciplinary exchange in the SFB environment, which helps acquiring a scientific breadth. Furthermore, they will gain valuable skills in scientific communication, knowledge transfer and assessing complex issues. Key elements are a doctoral research project with a challenging and interesting topic, an international and interdisciplinary training programme, which includes a regular colloquium, optional lab exchanges, a solid supervision concept as well as annual retreats and participation in international scientific conferences. Soft-skill offers are implemented via the graduation centres of the participating institutions.

Overview of Measures

  • Introductory talks in the frame of the SFB colloquium
  • Student seminar
  • Image brochure
  • Activity report

Special offerings

Cooperation Partners