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Bannergrafik (AG Schaper)


Electron microscopes

  • 300 keV Transmission electron microscope JEM-3010 UHR (Jeol Ltd., Japan), equipped with a retractable high-resolution slow scan CCD-Camera (Gatan Inc., USA) with GOS phosphorous scintillator
    Electron source: Lanthan hexaboride cathode
    Resolution: 0.17 nm (point), 0.14 nm (lattice)
    Specimen holder: standard (Jeol)
                   double-tilt (Jeol)
                   double-tilt LN2 cryo (Gatan) with pico-dry pumping station (Edwards GmbH)
  • Cold-field emission scanning electron microscope JSM-7500F (Jeol) equipped with an ALTO-2500 LN2 cryo-transfer system (Gatan) which allows investigations of soft matter materials at temperatures down to ca. -140 °C, and a YAG-BSE detector (Autrata, Czech Republic) providing imaging with high material-specific contrast. The microscope includes a Gentle Beam function particularly suited for studies of beam-sensitive organic objects at low electron dose and with reduced electrostatic charging.

  • Scanning electron microscope CamScan-4DV (CamScan, UK) equipped with a "Noran" energy-dispersive X-ray (EDX) analysis system with ultra-thin window (Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH) for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the elemental composition and distribution within microareas.

Instruments and tools for sample preparation

  • AUTO-306 High vacuum pumping station (Edwards, UK)
  • Ion-thinning apparatus IV3/H/L (Technoorg-Linda, Hungary)
  • Cryo-ultramicrotome ULTRACUT UCT/FCS (Leica, Germany)
  • Dimpler (South Bay Technology, USA)
  • Diamant wire saw (Well, Switzerland)
  • Ultrasound disc cutter (Gatan, USA)
  • Sputter Coater (Edwards, UK)
  • Critical point dryer (VG Microtech, UK)

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