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3) Digital History and Media Historiography: Reflecting Digital Tools and Technologies for New Research Questions (March 2020, Luxembourg)

Foto: Tim van der Heijden
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March 5-7, 2020
Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH), University of Luxembourg
Organized by Dr. Tim van der Heijden and Prof. Andreas Fickers

Guests: Prof. Susan Aasman, Groningen University (Netherlands); Dr. Tom Slootweg, Utrecht University (Netherlands); Dr. Taylor Arnold, University of Richmond (USA); Dr. Lauren Tilton, University or Richmond (USA)

This workshop builds on the concept of "digital hermeneutics", the critical and self-reflective use of digital tools and technologies for the development of new research questions, i.a. the testing of analytical assumptions and the production of scholarly interpretations. Through input lectures and hands-on exercises, i.a. for video annotation, the workshop offers the opportunity for critical testing of digital tools and technologies in media historiography. The Center for Contemporary and Digital History of the University of Luxembourg occupies an international position in the field of digital humanities. Thus, the workshop provides the network with an excellent place for exchange in order to deal with digital tools in the concrete application by means of the existing technological infrastructure.

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