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  • Fig.: Timna Sara Bedenbender

Symposium on the personalized medicine of COPD

The German PerMed-COPD research platform hosts this year´s symposium Innovations for COPD Medicine - From Dependable Diagnosis to Personalization of Patient Care at Phillips-Universität Marburg. We will highlight the latest research on COPD and its pathophysiology with especially focusing on molecular and digital approaches to develop tools for personalized medicine and on the role of comorbidities as well as environmental factors on the occurrence and the ethiopathology of the disease. The symposium will reach out beyond academia allowing the exchange with patients and experts from outpatient clinics, hospitals, and industry.

We are looking forward to exciting presentations and fruitful discussions as foundation for future research alliances.  

 Claus Vogelmeier & Bernd Schmeck

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