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General information about web services of KKS Marburg.

Our services all comply with the requirements of ICH-GCP, EU EMA, FDA, and DSGVO, and are thus suitable for processing pseudonymized, anonymized, and raw data.
The systems are all coordinated, documented and commissioned in consultation with the data protection officer, the IT security officer and the UMR HR department.
Corresponding documents can be viewed or made available as required.

The KKS-Marburg is ECRIN certified.

Data management with MACRO

MACRO is a data management solution from Ennov and is used at KKS for projects in the regulated environment (ICH-GCP).

User Accounts | User ID Requests for Cloud & Collaboration Platforms

Information for all Cloud & Collaboration Platforms
The use of our platforms is subject to certain regulatory requirements, depending on the project environment. These are defined in the planning phase with the responsible project staff.

However, certain restrictions apply to all platforms.
The following file formats are not accepted and can therefore not be processed:

*.zip, *.7z, *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt as well as encrypted and executable files, z.B. *.exe, *.bat, *.cmd 

If you have any questions regarding these points, please contact the IT-Support. 

Information about further web services of KKS Marburg

Information on other web services, including links to the relevant service, is listed below.

If possible, authentication at the services is done via user name, password plus second factor (2FA).


The data transfer with these systems/services is exclusively encrypted, via HTTPS (TLS/SSL). For this purpose, it is necessary to confirm the root certificate issued by DFN-CERT GmbH (German Research Network) with YES when calling up the pages listed above, or to install this certificate LOCALLY on the PC. Appropriate authorizations must be available for installation. Since the data transfer is handled via HTTPS (TLS/SSL), it must be ensured that the Internet connection can be established via HTTPS. Since firewall configurations may have to be changed for this, it is advisable to clarify this in advance with the IT staff responsible on site.