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Accommodation in Marburg

Rooms for participants have been reserved at two city-center hotels Welcome Hotel Marburg and Hotel Marburger Hof. When making your reservation please refer to "SFB 1083".  For additional options please check out the link.


Maps of Marburg

Location Map: This map provides a printable orientation with the location of conference venues, hotels and elevators (to the old town) indicated.

General Map: This internet-provided map allows you to scroll in and out and measure distances between locations in Marburg.


Travel to Marburg

By plane: The nearest major airport is Frankfurt Main (FRA) which is serviced by most larger airlines. From the airport it is possible to take the S-Bahn (or one of the trains) to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof HBF) and catch a connecting train or overland bus to Marburg. For train connections check out www.bahn.de and check out the information provided below.

By train: Marburg has two train-stations. The main train station is called Marburg (Lahn). For connections check out www.bahn.de. Outside the train station you have the option to hail a cab, to take a bus to the center (get off at Rudolphsplatz) or to walk. Check out the overview map.

By car: Coming from the direction of Kassel (North) leave the motorway at Marburg-Bahnhofstrasse. Take a right at the first traffic light onto Bahnhofstrasse in the direction of the city center. Depending on where you want to go check out the map. However, to get to the main parking garage in the center of town (Pilgrimstein) follow Bahnhofstrasse towards the end and turn left into Elisabethstrasse. At the traffic light continue straight ahead into Pilgrimstein and the parking garage will be on your right hand side. - Coming from the direction of Gießen/Frankfurt (South) leave the motorway at Marburg-Mitte (near gas station) and stay in the right lane until you reach the next traffic light, then take a right turn in the direction of the city center. Now continue on in the right lane. At the third traffic light, and after crossing the bridge over the Lahn river, take a right at the next traffic light. Due to one-way traffic routing it helps to check the map in advance. However, if you are headed to the city center parking garage on Pilgrimstein follow the road past the next traffic light (Cineplex cinema on your right) and turn left onto Biegenstrasse at the next light. At the end of the road turn right onto Pilgrimstein. The lane ends at the parking garage.


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