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Pedro Echenique awarded honorary membership of European Physical Society (EPS)

Pedro Miguel Echenique, external member of SFB 1083 and former PI of guest project "Electron dynamics at organic/inorganic interfaces from first principles" has been awarded a honorary membership of the European Physical Society (EPS). The EPS Council reserves this rare distinction to a maximum of 30 living individuals with exceptional achievements in physics. Current honorary members include four scientists from Germany and one from Spain (https://www.eps.org/page/distinction_honorary).

EcheniqueProfessor Echenique was elected by the Council 2018 in Paris for his outstanding achievements as a scientist in the field of Surface Physics, Attophysics, Interaction of charges and radiation with matter and Many-body Physics and for his contributions as an exceptional and tireless advocate of outreach, dissemination and public awareness of physics, notably the creation and development of Passion for Knowledge, which is a large-scale public outreach event in Donostia, Basque Country, promoting science as the driving force behind technological progress and the foundation of human culture.


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