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2nd Joint Seminar GRK 1782 & SFB 1083

More than 80 participants, from master-student to principal investigator, from Marburg, Gießen, Jülich and Münster ventured to Kloster Volkenroda in Thuringia for a multi-day seminar featuring talks and posters by the programs' young research staff.

group-photoAfter an International Summer School in 2014 in San Sebastian in Spain, co-organized by SFB guest project GP1 based at the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), it was the second time that the two DFG-funded programs came together to discuss their science projects, present the latest results and provide a networking forum for existing and new collaborations.
The meeting provided a balanced mix of more senior presentations and first-time talks or posters by new PhD-students and the current crop of MSc-students in the various projects. The meeting also provided a great forum for interaction with those program-members from outside of Marburg - seeing each other in person, standing side-by-side while discussing science, forming joint memories of the "pilgrimage to Mühlhausen", and simply talking with each other form a solid base for future interaction by email, skype and phone.
For more details check out the program.
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