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ASOMEA-IX organized by SFB 951 & SFB 1083

The 9th workshop on Advanced Spectroscopy of Organic Materials for Electronic Applications (ASOMEA-IX), organized by Ulrich Höfer (Marburg) and Norbert Koch (Berlin), took place from October 23-26, 2018 in Schluchsee, Germany.


ASOMEA-IXThe meeting was jointly organized by SFBs 951 "Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Systems for Opto-Electronics (HIOS)" Berlin and SFB 1083 "Structure and Dynamics of Internal Interfaces". It attracted more than 80 participants from Europe, Asia and America to the Black Forest. The meeting consisted of 30 talks and 48 posters.

The series of biannual ASOMEA-workshops began in 2001 as a meeting of Swedish and Japanese scientists working with spectroscopic techniques and theoretical modeling for a better understanding of organic electronic materials and related interfaces. In 2016 the scope of the workshop was widened to include the German community and the intention to focus on organic materials at advanced stages, in situ/operando techniques, and time-resolved spectroscopy to name just a few.

For more information visit http://asomea9.internal-interfaces.de/.

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