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Lightwave-driven Dirac currents in a topological surface band - Publication by B6 (Höfer/Wallauer) in Nature
Johannes Reimann, Jens Güdde and Ulrich Höfer together with a team led by Rupert Huber in Regensburg have taken band structure movies of electrical currents ...

2nd Joint Seminar GRK 1782 & SFB 1083
More than 80 participants, from master-student to principal investigator, from Marburg, Gießen, Jülich and Münster ventured to Kloster Volkenroda in ...

First papers of JPCM Special Issue on Internal Interfaces online
JPCM's Special Issue on Internal Interfaces is being guest-edited by SFB 1083 principal investigators Michael Gottfried (A4) and Ulrich Höfer (B5, B6). The ...

Lightwave valleytronics in WSe2 - Publication by B4 (SW Koch) in Nature
As part of their ongoing theory-experiment collaboration, members from project B4 (group of Prof. S.W. Koch) jointly with colleagues from Regensburg (group of ...

JPCM Special Issue on Internal Interfaces
The Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (JPCM) has announced a special issue on internal interfaces. Guest editors are Michael Gottfried and Ulrich Höfer ...

Pedro Echenique awarded honorary membership of European Physical Society (EPS)
Pedro Miguel Echenique, external member of SFB 1083 and former PI of guest project "Electron dynamics at organic/inorganic interfaces from first principles" ...

Kenta Kuroda receives Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan
We congratulate Dr. Kenta Kuroda, former JSPS fellow and guest scientist of project B6 (Höfer) on receiving the prestigious "Young Scientist Award" of the ...

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