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New Publication by A2 (Witte)
In a new publication by members of project A2 of SFB 1083, the authors identify unexpected chemical modifications at interfaces between the organic ...

Prof. Gottfried (A4) is awarded SCS Lectureship 2016
Prof. Michael Gottfried is honored with an SCS Lectureship 2016.

Poster Prize at BESSY User Meeting 2015
At the 7th Joint BER II and BESSY II User Meeting in Berlin, Michael Klues, Ph.D. student in SFB-project A2 of Prof. Dr. Gregor Witte, won this year's poster ...

New APS-Fellows Mackillo Kira & Daniel Sánchez-Portal
SFB 1083 congratulates its members Prof. Dr. Mackillo Kira, Marburg, and Dr. Daniel Sánchez-Portal from the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) in ...

New Publication by A2 (Witte)
The authors Tobias Breuer and Gregor Witte working in project A2 of SFB 1083 demonstrate a novel concept for the preparation of organic interfaces and solid ...

New project B8 (Berger) funded by DFG
Robert Berger, Professor for Theoretical Chemistry at Philipps-Universität Marburg since April 2014, joins the SFB as a Principal Investigator.

Prof. Gottfried (A4) receives Chinese Academy of Sciences Award
Prof. Michael Gottfried, PI of project A4, is honored with a Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Award 2015.

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