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Press Releases

2nd Joint Seminar GRK 1782 & SFB 1083 in Kloster Volkenroda (internal)

Talks and posters given.

SFB 1083 Winter Student Seminar 2017 (internal)

Talks given at the winter student seminar from Jan. 17-18, 2017 in Rauischholzhausen

Intl. Summer School 2014 (internal)

Invited Talks from the Intl. Summer School on "Semiconductor Interfaces - Methods and Model Systems" from July 28-31, 2014 in San Sebastián, Spain (organizers: DIPC, SFB 1083, & GRK 1782 with support from the DFG and EHU)

SFB Workshops (internal)

Talks from the topical SFB 1083 workshops

Kick-Off Meeting (internal)

Talks, Posters and Impressions from the SFB 1083 kick-off event, 27th - 29th of November, 2013

Corporate Design (internal)

SFB 1083 Logos

Documents (internal)

Informational material

Principal Investigators (internal)

Informational material

Ö-Project (internal)

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